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NEW 2024: CD VT1 VT1 · ECAP SMT · 105°C · 6,3-50V · 1 000h · LOW ESR

NEW 2024: CD VTD VTD · ECAP SMT · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 2 000h · HIGH CURRENT

NEW 2024: CD VZ2 VZ2 · ECAP SMT · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 2 000h · LOW ESR

NEW 2024: CD VZL VZL · ECAP SMT · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 5 000h · LONG LIFE

NEW 2024: CD VZS VZS · ECAP SMT · 105°C · 6,3-50V · 2 000h · MINIATURIZED

UPDATE 2022: CD 261L DE · Elko Radial · 105°C · 160-450V · 14 000h · miniaturized

With a lifetime of 14,000 hours and a reduced design, this high-voltage series in the area of radial designs is particularly interesting for power supplies and lighting applications.

POLYMER Capacitors

NEW 2019: PC HVK VK · Polymer SMD · 125°C · 16-80V · 2 000h · enlarged voltage, 125°C

Similar to the wired polymer capacitors, Jianghai also offers higher voltages at 125° C for the SMD components.

NEW 2019: PC HCS CS · Polymer RADIAL · 105°C · 2,5-16V · 5 000h · LONGEST LIFE

These radial polymer capacitors were designed specifically for long lifetimes.

NEW 2019: PC HPK PK · Polymer RADIAL · 125°C · 16-80V · 2 000h · ENLARGED VOLTAGE

Jianghai is one of the technical leaders in the field of polymer capacitors for higher voltages. Consequently, this technology is also used for the 125° C capacitors of the PC HPK PK series.

FILM Capacitors

Jianghai is one of the largest aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers in the world. But did you know that Jianghai also manufactures film capacitors, especially for DC link applications, cylindrical and square, with screw terminals or solderable? Or snubbers with connection flanges or solderable pins? In the field of film modules, Jianghai is one of the very few companies with fully automated production for real mass production (e.g. for the e-mobility sector), with almost all designs being developed in the layout of our customers.

You can access the data sheets of our Film Capacitors HERE.

ENERGY-capacitors (ENERGY-C)

In times of e-mobility and in general when storing energy, the energy storage is often the limiting component in an application. Good ideas are discarded and potential wasted if the required energy cannot be provided. This is exactly where energy capacitors come into play. The concept is divided into two key technologies with individual properties:


The basic technology is the classic electric double layer capacitor (also known as super or ultracap). This technology is based on storing charge in the eponymous double layer. Two symmetrically arranged activated carbon electrodes are used, which are ideally suited to forming a double layer.


Lithium capacitors are a further development of EDLCs. Here, the cathode electrode is replaced by a lithium-ion-doped graphite electrode, similar to that of a lithium-ion battery. The deliberately asymmetrical structure optimizes the capacity formation of the electrodes. This allows much higher capacities to be achieved than was previously possible with EDLC technology. This closes the gap between the capacitor and the battery.

You can access the data sheets of our Energy-Capacitors HERE.


NEW 2019: CD 282L YL · Elko Radial · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 12 000h · high current, ultra low ESR

This series is the technical combination of CD 284 XY and CD 282X EQ

NEW 2019: CD 282X EQ · Elko Radial · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 12 000h · high current, miniaturized

Compared to the CD 284 XY series, the CD 282X EQ series offers a longer life.

NEW 2019: CD 284 XY · Elko Radial · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 10 000h · high current, ultra low ESR

This Ultralow-ESR 105° C series allows very high ripple currents in a compact design.

NEW 2019: CD 285 HY · Elko Radial · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 12 000h · highest current

This Ultralow ESR 105° C series has been optimized in favor of very small designs with very high current carrying capacity and service life.

NEW 2019: CD 29HD QF · Elko SNAP-IN · 105°C · 200-450V · 8 000h · outstanding ripple current

This 105° C Elko allows a significant expansion of the current carrying capacity with a compact design due to a completely new technology in the internal structure.

NEW 2019: CD 29UH UT · Elko SNAP-IN · 105°C · 575V, 600V · 6 000h · 575V, 600V at 105°C

Modern semiconductors allow ever higher voltages in the DC link of converters. Years ago, Jianghai offered snap-in and screw-type power supplies with voltages up to 650V in the temperature range up to 85° C. This new series now allows applications up to 105° C for voltages up to 600V.


general info

Corona-Info (August 2020)

Dear customers and partners

We have survived the corona pandemic well so far. As before, apart from the somewhat tense transport situation in the area of air freight, Jianghai has not recorded any restrictions in the supply of capacitors.

Our order desk will be happy to answer any questions you may have:
0049 (0) 2151 652088-0

Please continue to stay healthy.
Ole Bjorn, Managing Director


JIANGHAI in the media

Markt & Technik 03/2023

20th anniversary: In the 03/2023 issue of Markt & Technik, Ole Bjørn, Managing Director of Jianghai Europe E.C. GmbH, gives an insight into the company's 20-year history in an interview with Engelbert Hopf. How did it all begin? Where is Jianghai today? And how does the success story continue?

You can find the whole interview HERE.

Markt & Technik 01-03/2021

Our expertise is in demand: In the 01-03 / 2021 issue of Markt & Technik, Senior Sales Manager Dr. Arne Albertsen and Managing Director Ole Bjørn have their say and explain the market situation during the corona pandemic. For Jianghai, the following applies: In addition to the increase in sales in 2020 and the still very good capacity utilization of all plants, time buffers have now been built in to cushion the pandemic-related irregularities in sea freight so well that the products can continue to be delivered as planned.

You can find the PDF with the articles

press releases by JIANGHAI

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media material

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Jianghai @ electronica 2022 in München

See you in Munich in November 2022 when electronica enters the next round. Until then: stay healthy. We look forward to you!



Would you like to order components from Jianghai and are already a Conrad customer? Then you can easily order from Conrad using this contact information in the future:

Conrad Electronic SE
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Service Hotline:
Mo-Sa von 7:00-20:00 Uhr: +49  96 04 / 40 89 88

Alternatively via this LINK.

2018: Customized modules from Jianghai also in Italy

Do you need customer-specific modules in the automotive sector and are you looking for a contact person in Italy who will advise and support you in detail? Since 2018, our partner Consystem in Italy has been answering all your questions about choosing the right capacitor for your application. Your direct contact to Italy:

Consystem S.R.L.
Via E. Stendhal, 55
20144 Milano (MI)
T: +39 (0) 02 424 14 71
F: +39 (0) 02 489 95 08 82


2017: „Best Key Account“-Preis von Siemens DF MC

f.l.t.r.: Christian Kromschröder (VP Procurement Siemens DF MC), Michalea Lang (Strategic Buyer, Siemens DF MC), Ole Bjørn (Geschäftsführer Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH), Dr. Arne Albertsen (Manager Sales & Marketing, Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH), Jörn Schulze-Halberg (Global Commodity Management, Siemens DF MC)

2017: "Best Key Account" award from Siemens DF MC

Every year, Siemens Digital Factory Motion Control selects its best suppliers under the motto "Our Stars for MC". Siemens DF MC selected the 29 best from hundreds of suppliers and nominated them for a prize in five categories (Best Overall, Best Key Account, Best Logistics, Best Quality and Best R&D / Innovation) as well as for a special prize.

With the "Best Key Account" award, Siemens DF MC honored the many years of excellent cooperation and intensive support in design-in projects for customer-specific aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

As part of the award ceremony in Neunkirchen am Brand, Joachim Düsterhaus, Global Commodity Management Siemens DF MC, presented the engraved star to Dr. Arne Albertsen, Sales and Marketing Manager at Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH.

"It is a special honor and a great incentive for us to receive this year's "Best Key Account" award," said Dr. Arne Albertsen, Manager Sales and Marketing at Jianghai Europe, during the award ceremony. "We are very pleased that Siemens appreciates our work and would like to thank the entire team at Jianghai Europe in Krefeld and Nantong Jianghai Co., Ltd., in China for the excellent and continuous support," added Ole Bjørn, Managing Director of Jianghai Europe .

Neunkirchen am Brand, May 11, 2017

2016: Diehl Supplier Award 2016

f. left: Ole Bjørn (General Manager Jianghai Europe), Erich Graf (Vice President Corporate Procurement Diehl Controls)

2016: Diehl Supplier Award 2016

In 2016, we, Jianghai Europe GmbH, were honored by Diehl Controls with the Supplier Award as the best supplier for excellent delivery and support. The award still makes us proud today and is an incentive for us to give our customers the best advice and the best possible support in all questions relating to our products.

We would like to thank Diehl Controls for the successful cooperation and look forward to further projects.