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Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH is the European sales organization of the Chinese Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co., Ltd.
Since 2003, sales, marketing, technical support, customer service team and warehouse of Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH are located in Krefeld and Kempen (Germany).

DID YOU KNOW that jianghai ...

  • ...is the largest capacitor manufacturer in China?
  • ...is one of the largest providers of e-mobility in the area of film capacitors?
  • ...is currently opening up completely fields of application for energy storage and recovery with the technologies of Energy-C products?
  • ...is the technology leader in polymer capacitors up to 200V? This helps our customers to miniaturize assemblies considerably without having to restrict the currents.

Our product portfolio at a glance


Jianghai has grown since its foundation in 1958 to become the largest Chinese manufacturer of aluminum capacitors generating revenues of more than 450 million USD in 2018. While Jianghai started in the beginning with the production of specialty chemicals (e.g., electrolyte solutions), it entered the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors already in 1970.


The year 2013 was marked by a major breakthrough in R&D for polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors: the voltage proof for these ultra-low ESR products was pushed out to as much as 200V, enabling the utilization of these advanced capacitors in more applications, e.g. in white goods, industrial automation, telecom infrastructure, power supplies, and LED ballasts.


Jianghai’s product range comprises aluminum electrolytic capacitors in screw terminal, snap-in and radial leaded styles. In 2012, the product portfolio was complemented by a range of power film capacitors. For this new business unit, Jianghai also follows the strategy of vertical integration and thus the production will extend from the preparation of the plastic film to the assembly of the finished goods. The product portfolio of DC-Link and Snubber capacitors has been enlarged in the year 2016 by AC-film capacitors. Highly automated production facilities ensure the efficient mass production of film capacitor modules. Driven by the thriving electric vehicle market in China, Jianghai has attained a leading position for the supply of theses customer specific components.


In times of e-mobility and generally when storing energy, often the energy storage devices are the limiting components in an application. Good ideas are rejected and potential is given away if the required energy can not be provided. This is exactly where energy capacitors are used. The concept is divided into two key technologies with completely individual characteristics: EDLC and Li-C.

UNSERE STÄRKEN – Ihre vorteile!


More recently, Jianghai extended its production range by integrating high and low voltage anode foil etching and forming facilities. All factories are located in mainland China: the most important ones are in Nantong (north to Shanghai), in Inner Mongolia, and in Xi’An area. Jianghai is well prepared for further expansion due to its successful entrance to the stock market in summer 2010.


Jianghai’s particular strength as a volume manufacturer is to offer customized products. Jianghai focuses on the demanding professional industrial segment with many power electronics applications. Research and development in collaboration with several specialized university institutes as well as the access to all vital pre-materials enable Jianghai to create engineered, customized solutions to fit smoothly into a specific application.


Jianghai is continuously improving processes, thereby enhancing the quality of its products and services. The list of certificates awarded to Jianghai reflects its level of achievement. In the year 2013, the Jianghai Europe sales office has become certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001