objectives & strategy

Being a specialist in capacitors, the JIANGHAI group always aims at the target of technical market leadership. As one of the largest manufacturers for electrolytic capacitors, JIANGHAI expands its portfolio by further capacitor technologies in order to become the largest supplier offering a well balanced product line within the segment of professional industrial and power electronics.

Jianghai’s production locations in China offer the advantage of geographical diversification in terms of protection against supply shortages due to independent raw material sources to our customers. Access to the entire production chain including the production of pre-material is very important for sustainably securing stable manufacturing processes. Vertical integration of all value added production steps ensures a high level of safety of supply and results in bundling technology know-how within the own company: it provides the basis for substantially new fundamental developments, innovation and progress. Supply security also means to set up sufficient manufacturing capacities, in order to be able to respond flexible and rapidly to customer demands, both for large and for small scale production needs. This leads to an open and powerful company. JIANGHAI is dedicated to this philosophy.

As a specialist in capacitors, the Jianghai Group consistently pursues the goal of technical market leadership. Jianghai is already one of the largest manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors and is expanding its portfolio to include other capacitor technologies in order to become the largest supplier of these products in professional industrial and power electronics in the next few years thanks to a finely tuned range.

The corporate objective of Jianghai Europe is to secure the achieved market position and to consequently expand it in Europe. In this context it is necessary to combine the company’s strengths in such a way that besides the purchase of capacitors our customers can draw a high additional benefit from the cooperation. A strong, individual and always friendly service in connection with a high expertise are the heart of our daily work. Based on a responsible quality and environmental policy, JIANGHAI EUROPE developed the objectives for the following years:

Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction by creating trust in JIANGHAI EUROPE.

Increase of positive customer perception by high technical competence.

Establishment and maintenance of long-term customer relations by a reliable and co-operative relationship between customer and supplier.

Active and continuous acquisition of new customers.

Growth of JIANGHAI EUROPE, creating new quality employment opportunities.

Employee satisfaction is a fundamental asset as only satisfied employees will be innovative, creative and motivated. On the one hand JIANGHAI EUROPE considers satisfied employees to be an important prerequisite for maintaining a successful customer relationship, on the other hand motivated employees feel responsible for the company and make a valuable contribution to the optimization of both internal and external processes in order to achieve the sales targets.

he company’s contribution to environmental protection is very important. The employees should contribute to save energy, comply with the laws on environmental protection and minimize the generation of waste.

In order to briefly summarize these objectives, the following mission has been formulated in our company  presentation:
“JIANGHAI’s primary objective is to supply capacitors of the highest quality and reliability based on a long-term customer relationship. Every employee at JIANGHAI is committed to achieve this goal by the best-in-class service, professional support and a high level of knowledge of capacitors”