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Jianghai Technology

Deliveries of Electrolytic Capacitors of highest quality and reliability on a true longterm customer relationship is the purpose of Jianghai. Jianghai understands its responsiblity for a continuously improvement of competitveness and quality of our customer applications.

Application Notes:

We are pleased to offer our assistance for any life time estimation and further details.

JIANGHAI Lifetime Estimation of Electrolytic Capacitors
JIANGHAI Formula Lifetime Estimation of Electrolytic Capacitors
JIANGHAI Reliability of Electrolytic Capacitors
JIANGHAI Voltage Proof of Electrolytic Capacitors
Voltage Proof on the Highest Level - 200V Polymer Alu E-Caps
DC-Link Capacitor Technology Comparison - Alu-E-Cap vs. Film Capacitor
JIANGHAI Innovations "Made in China"
Electrolytic Capacitor leakage current
Jianghai - Методы оценки срока эксплуатации
Jianghai Europe - Voltage Proof on the Highest Level - 200V Polymer Alu E-Caps
Jianghai Europe - E-Cap Lifetime-Estimation
Jianghai Europe - E-Cap Reliability
Jianghai Europe - E-Cap Voltage Proof
DC Link Capacitor Technology Comparison

Technical Article:

Technical Notes About Electrolytic Capacitors
Controlplan of Production Radial
Controlplan of Production Snap In
Controlplan of Production Screw
Failure Modes
Layout of Capacitor Bank
Leadfree Soldering Recommendations for SMD Polymer
Leadfree Soldering Recommendations for Radial / Snap-In
Customized modules for automotive available in Italy

Handling Precautions:

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Film Capacitors
Polymer Capacitors