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They are the silent heroes of power electronics: we are talking about capacitors. They often determine the life and reliability of a circuit.

No wonder that as a developer, you must pay particular attention to the correct design and selection of the right technology. Our sales team supports you here. With proven expertise, passion, in-depth know-how and a wealth of experience, our team at the Capacitor Competence Center is your sparring partner – whether at your location, by phone or by e-mail:

ccc@jianghai-europe.com · Phone: + 49 (0) 21 51 65 20 88-0

Capacitor Competence Center – Benefit from qualified technical support!

The Jianghai Capacitor Competence Center is an initiative to accompany our customers in Europe in the successful design and application of capacitors from the beginning of a new development project.

Overview of our product range:

Incidentally, did you know that Jianghai is one of the world’s three largest and, with more than 60 years of experience, one of the most established manufacturers of capacitors?


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