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What are Energy Capacitors?

In times of e-mobility and generally when storing energy, often the energy storage devices are the limiting components in an application. Good ideas are rejected and potential is given away if the required energy can not be provided. This is exactly where energy capacitors are used. The concept is divided into two key technologies with completely individual characteristics.

The basic technology is the classic Electric Double Layer capacitor (also known as Supercap or Ultracap). This technology is based on the storage of charge in the characteristic double layer. Two symmetrically arranged activated carbon electrodes are used, which are optimally suited to form a double layer.

Lithium capacitors are a further development of the EDLCs. Here, the cathode electrode is replaced by a lithium ion doped graphite electrode, similar to a lithium ion battery. The asymmetric design optimizes the capacitance formation of the electrodes. This allows much higher capacitance value than previously possible with EDLC technology. This closes the gap between capacitor and battery.

Our brochure with all the information (including handling Precautions) at a glance can be found here (PDF, 4.7 MB).

Fields of Applications (Overview)




Radial – the first choice for a space-saving design! Both the EDLC and the LiC technology of the energy capacitors are used in this design. With the individual characteristics of both technologies many different requirements can be met.



For larger requirements, the snap-in design is the optimal choice. Great power consumption is not a problem, and proper interconnection creates a true energy beast!



Not only optically resembles the prismatic energy-C cell of an accumulator cell, but also the field of application cuts.



The modules form the premier class of these capacitors! Adaptable and tailor-made solutions are found for every requirement. Whether already existing application or first idea, energy capacitors deliver the energy!



Here you will find our Energy-C brochure as a PDF for download.


Here you will find the Handling Precautions for our Energy C products as PDF for download.