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Screw Series

Lifetime, Temperature Range
Screw Standard

4 000h

at 85°C



10 000 – 12 000h

at 85°C

High End

15 000 – 25 000h

at 85°C


4 000h

at 105°C


9 000h

at 105°C

CD 135 BPStandard
Page: 92
CD 138 PC High Current

Page: 101

CD 138S WP High Current

Page: 103

CD 136 PK Standard

Page: 95

CD 139 BL Long Life

Page: 105

CD 13H BH >600V


CD 137 PX High Voltage

Page: 97

CD 13L PL 25 000h CD 139S HC High Current
Page: 107
CD 137S PR

CD 13P HP 600V
Small Size CD 838 ZTMiniaturized
Page: 113
CD 837 ZX
Miniaturized, 15 000h
Page: 111

For datasheet download please click on corresponding series.

Please contact your local sales offices, if you need assistance to define
the correct terminals or accessories (more alternatives on request).

Different Screw terminals and accessories for capacitor mounting.