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Catalogue: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 2019/2020

Over 184 pages of clenched information! Our Elko catalog, which also includes our polymer products, gives you a detailed overview of our portfolio. We will gladly send you the catalog by post free of charge. Simply send us an e-mail to: info@jianghai-europe.com

Alternatively, you can download the entire catalog (divided into Ecap and Polymer) here:

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (7.2 MB)
Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors (4.4 MB)

Catalogue: Energy Capacitors 2019/2020

Is the storage of energy the limiting component of your application? Then inform yourself quickly about the still relatively young technology of the Energy Capacitors! Our catalogue gives you a good overview of all the products that Jainghai can already mass-produce, and informs about the advantages and uses of the technology in the context of the Technical Notes.

You can download it here: Energy Capacitors (4,8 MB)

If you would like to receive the catalogue free of charge by post, please send us an e-mail:

+++ NEW +++ Catalogue: Film Capacitors 2020/2021

Jianghai is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors worldwide. But did you know that Jianghai also manufactures film capacitors especially for DC-Link applications (cylindrical and angular, with screw connections or solderable)? Or snubber with connection flanges or solderable pins? In the field of film modules, Jianghai is one of the very few companies with fully automated production for real mass production (e.g. for the e-mobility area), with almost all designs being developed in the layout of our customers. Or AC filter capacitors? The large vertical range of manufacture enables Jianghai to gain a technological edge, particularly in the case of high voltages, and you can obtain a secure supply without supply bottlenecks from upstream suppliers.

Our new catalog offers you a comprehensive overview of our portfolio. Click here for direct download: Film Capacitors (5,9 MB)

If you would like to receive the catalog free of charge by post, please send us an email: info@jianghai-europe.com