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| PC HPK PK · Polymer RADIAL · 125°C · 16-80V · 2 000h · ENLARGED VOLTAGE

Jianghai is one of the technical leaders in the field of polymer capacitors for higher voltages. Consequently, this technology is also used for the 125° C capacitors of the PC HPK PK series.

| PC HCS CS · Polymer RADIAL · 105°C · 2,5-16V · 5 000h · LONGEST LIFE

These radial polymer capacitors were designed specifically for long lifetimes.

| PC HVK VK · Polymer SMD · 125°C · 16-80V · 2 000h · enlarged voltage, 125°C

Similar to the wired polymer capacitors, Jianghai also offers higher voltages at 125° C for the SMD components.

| CD 29UH UT · Elko SNAP-IN · 105°C · 575V, 600V · 6 000h · 575V, 600V at 105°C

Modern semiconductors allow ever higher voltages in the DC link of converters. Years ago, Jianghai offered snap-in and screw-type power supplies with voltages up to 650V in the temperature range up to 85° C. This new series now allows applications up to 105° C for voltages up to 600V.

| CD 29HD QF · Elko SNAP-IN · 105°C · 200-450V · 8 000h · outstanding ripple current

This 105° C Elko allows a significant expansion of the current carrying capacity with a compact design due to a completely new technology in the internal structure.

| CD 285 HY · Elko Radial · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 12 000h · highest current

This Ultralow ESR 105° C series has been optimized in favor of very small designs with very high current carrying capacity and service life.

| CD 284 XY · Elko Radial · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 10 000h · high current, ultra low ESR

This Ultralow-ESR 105° C series allows very high ripple currents in a compact design.

| CD 282X EQ · Elko Radial · 105°C · 6,3-100V · 12 000h · high current, miniaturized

Compared to the CD 284 XY series, the CD 282X EQ series offers a longer life.

| CD 261L DE · Elko Radial · 105°C · 160-450V · 14 000h · miniaturized

With a lifetime of 14,000 hours and a reduced design, this high-voltage series in the area of ​​radial designs is particularly interesting for power supplies and lighting applications.