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Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH presents a new screw terminal electrolytic capacitor series with 600 V rated voltage. The useful life extends to 4,000 h at +85 ºC.

The series CD_13H_BH comprises can sizes from 64 mm x 96 mm to 90 mm x 157 mm, and depending on diameter and requested configuration, M5 or M6 screw terminals are available. For enhanced low-loss connection, variants with wide diameter contact surfaces can be supplied.

The compact dimensions allow for high capacitance / voltage combinations of up to 4,700 μF / 600 V. The capacitors offer a high ripple current capability of up to 21 A at +85 ºC and the products are RoHS-compliant.

As polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolyte, the capacitors from the series CD_13H_BH are intended for use in d.c. link circuits of high power inverters. The capacitors are ideally suited for reliable power electronics applications in an industrial environment.

The capacitors can be ordered in sample and production quantities starting from now on.

Please find the series datasheet here.

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