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Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH

Uerdinger Straße 125
D-47799 Krefeld, Germany

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Capacitor Competence Center

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Jianghai Europe receives Diehl Supplier Award 2016

We are honored to receive the Supplier Award 2016 as best supplier for excellent delivery and support and would like to thank Diehl Controls for the successful cooperation.

From left: Mr Ole Bjørn (General Manager Jianghai Europe), Mr Erich Graf (Vice President Corporate Procurement Diehl Controls)


Jianghai at Power Exhibition Moscow

together with our partner TiT

Capacitor Competence Center

In professional industry and power electronics in particular, electrolytic capacitors often determine the lifetime and reliability of the entire circuit. This is the reason why designers pay special attention to selecting and designing in of the right capacitor technology.

There are several suppliers of capacitors, but only a few of them offer their customers a qualified technical support. Since its foundation in Europe, Jianghai has been following the concept of supporting its customers by local sales engineers who rely on a comprehensive expertise.  For more than 10 years this philosophy forms one of the keystones of the success of China’s largest manufacturer of capacitors in Europe.

Whilst Jianghai’s focus originally was based on electrolytic capacitors, its portfolio today also comprises film capacitors for power applications (DC-Link, snubber), polymer capacitors (up to 200V), and supercaps. Therefore Jianghai ranks among the top 3 manufacturers of large type capacitors.

With the Capacitor Competence Center, Jianghai has launched an initiative which offers their European customers support for the successful design and application of capacitors from the very beginning of a new development project. At Jianghai Europe, based in Krefeld, experts will be pleased to answer your questions on capacitors.